Rappin’ Legal: From Agreements to Rules

Yo, listen up, I got something to say
About legal stuff that affects us every day
From the legal age in Texas, to the 70 year rule
It’s important to understand, don’t be a fool
So let’s break it down, starting with the age
In Texas, when you’re grown, you can turn the page
Check the legal age in Texas, know when you’re in charge
Don’t get caught up in a legal entourage
Next up, we got the it subcontractor agreement
Make sure it’s tight, don’t leave room for disagreement
Use a template that’s legit
So you and your team can benefit
Legal survey descriptions, they’re important too
Understand the legal landscape, don’t be in the dark
Get your legal game on point, make your mark
Business and human rights, it’s a big deal
Join the accelerator, get legal guidance that’s real
Don’t forget about blizzard system requirements
Stay up to date, don’t get caught in the fire
Check the requirements before you go higher
Contract administrator job description, construction projects too
Know the legal requirements, don’t get caught by the crew
Business loans, how do they work?
Get a complete guide, don’t be a jerk
Barter agreements, they’re free to find
Use a template that’s legally aligned
Phone contracts, can you end them early?
Know your legal rights, don’t get stuck in a fury
70 year rule, it’s a legal practice thing
Understand the rule, don’t let it sting
So there you have it, legal knowledge in a rap
Check out these links, don’t take a nap