Nova Launcher Prime Apk v7.0.57 Cracked [Latest 2022]

Nova Launcher Prime Apk v7.0.57 Cracked [Latest 2022]

Nova Launcher Prime APK is one of the best launchers available out there for your android devices. If you are tired of the same old features on your phone? Most of us get tired of phone functions after a month or so, but we can’t change the phone often to get rid of our boredom. The home screen needs to be refreshed and we are often slow due to our busy schedule or simply because we are lazy. However, this is very redemptive, so look at the new home screen settings. We have very little opportunity to discover new things.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Have you ever considered changing your home screen and trying out different features? We’re in a rug like you and looking for ways to change your home screen without having to invest heavily in another phone. There are many apps available to change your home screen, but not all of them work efficiently or are compatible with your phone.

Nova Launcher MOD APK 7.0.57 (Prime Patched)

After a long effort, we were able to find a great app for your phone devices that could be revolutionary. The app is called Nova Launcher Prime Mode Apk. Nova Launcher Prime is an adaptive, powerful, and versatile home screen switch. Nova Launcher is still the first choice of users since its launch due to the great updated features it offers, but it is still very easy to use.

If you think your phone has too many extra files and it has crashed, you can use Nova Prime Cleaner to remove the extra files to improve the performance of your phone. The app also offers its users a number of interesting and functional features. You can customize the icons, which is rare in home screen apps. The Nova Launcher makes the phone even easier and better to use as users can use finger gestures to accomplish tasks. Privacy is a big concern for many people but it will no longer be an issue because users can hide their apps and no one knows.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Excellent features

Nova Launcher has many useful features that make your smartphone more comfortable and easy to use. Most Android users find the launcher effective when it comes to rearranging a random screen, creating a more intuitive interface, and providing a smoother user experience. Here are the key features, many of which will be useful:

Custom Icons

The problem with smartphone icons is that they seem less and less intuitive over time. This is because our brains are designed to detect this type of visual communication. Therefore, most icons will appear sluggish and repetitive to us.

The custom icons in Nova Launcher allow the player to customize the app icons to their liking. This gives a lot of comfort in looking at the phone screen.

Integrate applications into subnets

For those who are always struggling to find the app they are looking for, given the messy settings of the original launcher, Nova Launcher’s subgrids feature allows them to keep apps in the right folder.

So, whenever you need to open a specific app, instead of spending time on long lists, you can easily find it by looking at the subfolders.

Adjust colors

When it comes to color preferences, opinions vary from user to user. Some may prefer lighter and softer color schemes, while others will prefer warmer colors on their smartphone screens.

With Nova Launcher, Android users can now apply dozens of different color tweaks to their devices. You can change the colors of scroll bars, folders, characters, backgrounds, etc. This will allow you to determine the appropriate configuration for their devices.

Custom animation

In addition to custom colors, you can customize tabs, apps, and scrolling and transition effects for your phone. This will help your phone stay in good condition without getting tired of repeated animations.

Useful widgets

Users can also add useful widgets to their devices using the Nova Widget Library. It provides usage widgets that allow you to manage your activities more efficiently with your smartphone. Plus, you can create an intuitive home screen with the included widgets.

Import layouts from other launchers

Nova Launcher allows users to create drop-down mail for their smartphone screen. In addition, you can easily navigate through the docks to ensure uninterrupted workflow. Additionally, you can add widgets to mail and create each dock for specific widget types.

Sharp and spicy experiences

Despite the customizable interface with many customizable features, Nova Launcher is surprisingly fast and easy. You can navigate between different tabs and docs with relatively good speed and ease. Even in our tests with relatively old devices, the launcher still works flawlessly for a while.

Open Nova Launcher Prime for more options

You can purchase Nova Launcher Prime from the Google Play Store to enjoy other great features and an ad-free experience. This allows you to perform gestures such as swipe, pinch and tap on the home screen as a shortcut to open your app and widget.

At the top of the lock screen, you get a complete message with information about unread messages, emails, your Facebook inbox, and much more. It will help you to manage your social and communication activities faster through your smartphone.

And if you have your own secret apps, you won’t want to see other people even if they control your device. You can take advantage of the Hide Apps feature, which hides the app icon and allows you to set the app security settings.

Completely free

Still, Google Play Nova Launcher Priman should earn you some cash. What about a completely free launcher with the same features? If you are interested you should visit our website directly. Find Nova Launcher Prime APK and download it on your device. Installation is similar to other smartphone apps, and Nova Launcher Prime will take a few seconds to complete on your Android device.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Freedom of subscription

Currently, Nova Launcher Prime allows users of the app to unlock many unique features, such as the freedom to customize any phone interface. This means that the user can create new tabs or folders in the application box. In addition, you can customize the icons with custom settings by scrolling through the app’s shortcuts or folders. It can be said that user demand is quite high and as a result, many related apps are used on the phone and there is a lot of confusion between the apps. Of course, Launcher Pro was created to help you solve this problem and configure your app in a highly scientific way. For the boxes to appear on the screen, the tab bar must be activated. To edit, hold down the Nova Shutter button for a few seconds to see the edit section.

Hide simple apps

However, there are often apps on your phone that you want to keep and don’t want to share or show to others. Nova Launcher helps you with this and removes all the apps you need to hide. However, Launcher Pro does not support this feature on some common phones, so the user will have to browse the device if they want to use it. To use this feature, hide apps from Nova’s preferences, and if you plan to reuse hidden apps, use the search bar to find them.

Read the notification message number

Great and you have to use Launcher Pro and download Nova Launcher Prime, right? In addition to the features described above, it also offers an interesting feature: a counter for countless messages. Nova Launcher will not let you lose messages. It helps you mark unread messages in Gmail, SMS, Hangouts, etc. With TeslaUnread extensions. It can be said that if you forget the news or don’t watch it, Launcher Pro reminds you regularly. Premium Nova Launcher which is very useful for Android followers, Launcher Pro allows users to update the entire interface of the phone and use its great features. Then you can download Moddroid Launcher and the Modddroid Launcher mode app also gives you.


Despite its excellent features, the starter still has some ups and downs. A few things to keep in mind before installing it.

Trouble downloading the latest version of Android

On most devices running Android 8 or earlier, the launcher will probably be very responsive and smooth. However, with the new gearing, there are well-known cases where the starter motor did not start or did not move inconsistently.

Slow and unresponsive experiences can lead to older devices

Older equipment with bad hardware may not be suitable for this launcher. Because it has so many features and functions, cheap devices can’t handle the process easily.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

How to install?

The process of app installation is short and simple but an individual need to closely follow the instruction in order to avoid making mistakes during the process:

  • Firstly, click on the download link to start the process of downloading with the help of IDM. It can take quite a while depending upon the speed of your internet.
  • After that, go to the settings of your phone where you will see a security option. In security, options enable the unknown source file.
  • After the download is done, the Install option appears to click on that to complete the process.
  • You can now optimize the functionality of your phone.

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